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  SDM Construction Inc.
  111 Regina Road, Unit 2
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8N5
Tel: 905.851.2626
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Site Superintendent
Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
Provide overall on-site management, administrative and technical direction on construction project site. Enforce company and project policies and ensures project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule. Perform all functions and responsibilities in consonance with the company’s values and beliefs.
  As a member of the Project Site Team, your duties include being in charge of all on-site construction activities on a daily basis
  Take the lead on productivity issues and monitor work performance and efficiency of employees and subcontractors to ensure project plans and schedule are followed and project is executed effectively and within budget
  Contribute to the development of a construction plan and to manage subcontractor activities
  Assure construction compliance with design requirements
  Supervise and coordinate field engineering and construction activities
  Assure compliance with project construction schedule budgets and assume responsibility for the commissioning of project systems
  Ensure project materials and workmanship meet the project Quality Standards
  Document and report all injuries, fill out Notice of Injury/Accident Report
  Perform additional assignments as directed by superiors or as required for successful project
Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience:
  Educational and experience requirements include a four year construction related degree or equivalent combinations of technical training and/or related experience
  A minimum of six years construction experience
  Ability to lead and evaluate trade performance is essential
  Advanced knowledge of various construction disciplines, safety regulations, scheduling, cost control, quality control, engineering drawings and other documents
  Ability to assume responsibility, interface and communicate with others a must
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