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  SDM Construction Inc.
  111 Regina Road, Unit 2
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8N5
Tel: 905.851.2626
Fax: 905.851.2657
About Us
We Deliver Quality and Satisfaction

The present state of building construction is complex and we make it simple with our years of experience and expertise in the construction industry. We have knowledge and understanding of a wide range of building products and systems which are aimed primarily at groups of building types or markets. Our design process for buildings is highly organized and draws upon research establishments that study material properties and performance. Our design and project management professionals determine user needs and design a building to meet those needs in coordination with code officials who adopt and enforce safety standards. Our construction process is also highly organized; it includes the manufacturers of building products and systems, the craftsmen who assemble them on the building site, the contractors who employ and coordinate the work of the craftsmen, and consultants who specialize in such aspects as construction management, quality control and insurance.

SDM Construction Inc. is a multi-discipline engineering/contracting organization specializing in Institutional, Commercial, Industrial (ICI), Residential Construction, Restoration & Renovation and advanced materials.

For almost 20 years we have worked to deliver cost effective projects that minimize risk to their clients. The result has been a long list of satisfied customers with a high incidence of repeat business.

The organization offers a comprehensive package of services including General Contracting, Design/Build, Construction Management, Pre-Construction Services, Value Engineering and Restoration & Renovation. This combination of core competencies allows the organization to offer technology driven, turnkey solutions with sole source responsibility.

At SDM Construction we are committed to completion on time and within budget. Our team of professionals includes experienced project managers, site superintendents, and local construction teams who relieve our clients of the day-to-day headaches of construction.

Our approach is to develop long-term, trust based relationships with clients. We know that trust is not conferred; it is earned, and accumulates as a relationship matures over many years.

We Make A Difference

SDM Construction Inc. is a dynamic construction company, with national outlook, a hands-on approach, sound commercial grounding and a serious commitment to simplicity, quality and innovation. Our clients come to us looking for change and points of difference and that is what we deliver. Our team applies the same commitment to the big idea and the smallest detail, always looking to set new standards, break the mold and inject all projects with a sense of positivity and possibility.

We Provide Nationwide Service

SDM Construction Inc. provides nationwide construction services through the network of trusted and reliable subcontractors and partners across Canada. We offer a complete range of services with an emphasis on time, cost, quality and overall customer satisfaction.



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