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  SDM Construction Inc.
  111 Regina Road, Unit 2
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8N5
Tel: 905.851.2626
Fax: 905.851.2657
Restoration and Renovation
SDM Construction handles various types of restoration and renovation services through our in house forces or through sub trades specialized in particular area.

Some of our restoration services include:

  Garage Repairs
  Balcony Repairs
  Shotcrete Installation
  Epoxy Injection Concrete Patching (Flat, Vertical, & Overhead)
  Structural & Topping Slab Removal & Replacement
  Foundation Underpinning & Grade Beam Installation
  Cutting & Pointing Failed Masonry Joints
  Brick Repair / Replacement
  New Masonry Installation
  Stone / Concrete Element Fabrication & Installation
  Stone Repair / Replacement
  Garage/Balcony Deck Coating Repairs & Installation
  Below Grade Waterproofing Installation
  Sealant Removal & Replacement
  Expansion Joint Repair & Installation
Surface Cleaning
  High Pressure Waterblasting
  Dry Ice Power Blasting
  Chemical Cleaning
Window Repair / Replacement
  Window Replacement
  Sealed Unit Replacement
Roofing & Sheet Metal
End User Services
  Preventative Maintenance
  Building Envelope
  Garage & Plaza Decks
  Inspection Services
  Leak Inspections / Repairs
  Leak Surveys & Capital Budgetting
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