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Design and Build

The concept of design-build is well proven and has gained wide acceptance as an expedient and economical way to design and construct a broad range of project. Under the design-build format, both the design and construction of a project are included in the contractor’s scope of work. SDM Construction Inc. retains outside design consultants to perform the design work for such projects. This allows us to assemble a team with the best expertise available related to a particular type of work.

The following key processes are involved in our design-build services:
  1. Defining the Scope of Work
  2. Designing the Project by Using the Services of Qualified Engineers and Architects
  3. Review of Design and Cost Analysis
  4. Sub Contractor Selection and Qualification
  5. Construction and Project Management
  6. Quality Control
  7. Development of the Punch-List
  8. Complete Project Close Out
SDM Construction Inc. will work closely with the client to determine the scope of the project, construction methods and the target budget. The design-build process works closely with key subcontractors and consultants from conceptual design throughout completion of the construction drawings and specifications. Plans and specifications are reviewed in detail with the key trades to determine actual costs and alternate design and material selections are made early in the process. Continuous review of real world costs by the client and design-build team assures a project design remains within budget and is completed on time.
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