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  SDM Construction Inc.
  111 Regina Road, Unit 2
Woodbridge, ON L4L 8N5
Tel: 905.851.2626
Fax: 905.851.2657
SDM Construction creates spaces derived from a marriage of aesthetics and functionality - all tailored to meet the client's needs. Our general contracting, project management and design team works together to provide you the best possible, most economical solution. We build, refurbish and extend ICI (Institutional, Commercial, Industrial) buildings such as retail spaces, medical clinics, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, office buildings and exhibition centres. Our team also does selective residential work. Experience within these fields has led us to work with diverse clients, ranging from those that have a clear idea of what they want and simply need us to facilitate it, to those who would like us to help them from conception to completion.
“ Building it well and on time the first time,
                    ......because we want you back the next time! ”

SDM Construction Inc. Handles our project management work and our interior fit-up for our Montessori Schools. I have met several GCs in the past and I found that SDM Construction is true to its word Integrity, Craftsmanship and Client centric. They deliver what they promise and continuously keep an open honest dialogue throughout the construction phase and right to end of the project. Keep up the Great Work!

Murtaza Hasan

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